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Travel Photo Post – Venice, Italy

Travel Photo Post of Venice, Italy.  The first photo is the view of Piazza San Marco (St Marc Square) from the water bus leaving  the Grande Canal.  The other two are views of buildings located on the Grande Canal.  One is from inside the Gondola and the other from the shore looking at a Gondola .

Venice is a great city to visit but it has progressively become more of a tourist town and losing some of its charm.  For example, it could be a bit challenging to find great food at reasonable prices and not feel like you are at a “tourist trap”.  The hotel prices have also increased and made Venice one of the more expensive places to stay in Europe.   We will post our recommendations for places to eat  and stay but it seems that with every trip, things change and are not the same.

The reason we go back to Venice is to visit the sites and go to less traveled corners of the city.  You can hang out in the city once all the cruise ship visitors have left.  Venice at night is very quiet and romantic and could be very relaxing.

St. Marc Companile View
St. Marc Companile View
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